October was a busy month, but we finally nailed down our lesson plans and started making progress!  The next lesson plans are just starting and we will post some online under our BALLET TRAINING tab on our platinumcomp.com website to see if the extra review outside of classes helps our dancers remember the barre combinations.


Once again, the Ballet Team have two important goals for this season:  One, strengthening and coordinating both our lower body and upper body to create the complete look on stage, as well as achieving fluidity between movements, which means connecting one step into the next so it looks like a dance (performance) not just an exercise.  


The Ballet Team is already beginning to take notes in preparations for our end-of-year evaluations, which will be sent before recital (May 8).   Before Winter Break we will give your dancer a reminder of the goal(s) she set on paper and handed in the beginning of the year, so she can make sure she is on the right path.  


Coming up is the Nutcracker production.  Although mainly NON-competition dancers are participating, you can come and show your support on December 15th at Southview @ 2:00pm.  Our 6 advanced Pointe dancers will be performing short solos as Sugar Plum, Flower girl, Chinese tea cup girl, and more……and dancing with the young 4-11 year olds. 


Reminder that there are great resources, videos, and tips for your dancer on our platinumcomp.com website under DANCER’S ONLY = Ballet Training:

Ballet Training

Also, take advantage of Lisa Howell’s “Pointe Range” program we purchased.  Email tafat@platinumdancecenter.com for login info.


Please reach out to me if you have any further questions, concerns, or just to start up a conversation about any topics that you are interested in and want to know more about.



Thank you for sharing your dancers with us!




Tafat Ostfield

Artistic Ballet Director

Platinum Dance Center