Starpower Competition – April 24th

STARPOWER COMPETITION — Saturday, April 24th ONLY — **All groups including Pixies and West**
Company on Friday, April 23rd WILL be held

Venue – New
Hopkins High School
2400 Lindbergh Dr, Minnetonka, MN 55305

Starpower Schedule > View HERE

Competition Quick Facts  >View 2021 Guidelines Here

  • This event is a block schedule
  • ONE spectator per dancer
  • Wristbands will be handed out at the event – Please find a PDC teacher for your wristband
  • Dancers must arrive in first costume and makeup
  • Masks are MANDATORY in the building – including while performing on stage.
  • There will be award ceremony for adjudication only will be at the end of each block.
  • Awards for OVERALLS will be held at PDC Sunday evening – Time TBD

There will be LIVE STREAM for this event!! Download the app DanceBug for live stream, live updates and full schedule.

Comp Levels & Scoring
The Competition Divisions are Novice, Intermediate and Advanced.

  • StarPower goes off a point system: Each entry will be competing against a pre-determined amount of points and will be reflected in our STARscoring program.

Please remember that dance judging is very subjective. The judges change year to year, each competition has a different scoring system and judges come from all different backgrounds. 

Award Levels

 5 Stars  4 3/4  Stars   4 1/2    Stars  4 Stars

**5 Star Elite is awarded as well in the advance level only**

DIVISIONAL 1st PLACE AWARDS: If there is only one entry in a division, a 1st place trophy will be awarded if the performer received 3 STARS or higher. If there are 2 or more entries in a category, a competitive first place award will be presented to the entry with the highest score.

Backstage and Rehearsing
Backstage areas need to remain clear of dancers, parents, and teachers and stay organized all other times. Please make sure to arrive on time and be prepared for quick changes. Students should be prepared to rehearse multiple dances at once depending on the schedule.

Extra Awards
ENTERTAINMENT AWARDS: The judges and directors will present this award to the Small Group, Large Group or Line deemed “Most Entertaining” for both 11 & Under and 12 & Over. All Divisions are eligible for this award.

CHOREOGRAPHY AWARDS: This award will be presented to the teacher of a Small Group, Large Group, or Line for both 11 & Under and 12 & Over. All Divisions are eligible for this award.

OUTSTANDING GROUP BALLET AND TAP AWARDS: These awards are only received at the Advanced level.

TITLE: Advance level soloists are eligible to compete for Title. Please register at the competition any time before your dancer performs.

SPECIAL AWARDS: Special Award Ribbons will be created by the judges for routines and individuals that will be awarded at the beginning of each awards ceremony.

PHOTOGENIC CONTEST: Contestants should submit a 5×7 or larger photograph the FIRST DAY OF
COMPETITION to the registration desk. The photo must be of only one person. Photogenic contestants must
be a registered competitor in that competition and may register more than one photo.

Dressing Rooms
Look for a PLATINUM DANCE CENTER sign for designated dressing rooms.

Dressing Room Disclaimer — Due to the competition using 2 stages we will see dancers from another studio during our same block.  There could be minimal passing through a the dressing room however, we will remain in our “Platinum Bubble” in the dressing room and auditorium.   Additionally, the competition and venue are requiring masks at all times.

Texting Updates
Keep your phone by your side for texting updates. Register with Remind 101 to both lists (Comp & Your Team) to receive alerts on comp days. Text the message: @pdccomp  To the number: 81010 or follow this link

Our Goals
Our competition goals are simple: have fun, beat ourselves (get better) and avoid injury!  We hope the dancers have an absolute blast and enjoy one of our final comps for the 2020 – 2021 season! #Teampdc #pdcproud #pdcfamily