January and February we have been pushing the dancers physically and emotionally!   The Ballet Team has asked the non-Ballet COMP instructors to support our work by inserting ONE Ballet exercise into all their classes (except Hip Hop and tap classes).  In January we began with a turn combination that included 1/4, 1/2, and single pirouettes ending in a sousous, to help the dancers finish their turns UP on the releve showing control at the end.   In February, we amped things up and came up with a turn combination from the corner, each a double pirouette with different arms (hips, shoulders, 5th position, and 1st position) for the dancers to practice multiple rotations and how that affects the momentum, the strength it takes to stay up on the supporting leg/releve, spotting, and how we adjust our center when our arms are in different positions.  We are happy to see that practicing these combinations in multiple classes during the week (sometimes they end up doing it 10 times) has yielded some great results for our dancers.


This last month, we added more petite allegro/grande allegro (small quick + large jumps) combinations into our lesson plans to work on the dancers’ stamina and ability to move through quick body changes and footwork, as well as pushing into the floor/pushing off the floor for large jumps.  We are excited to see what happens on stage at KAR this weekend, as a result!


Finally, debuting last weekend at OnStage, our Ballet soloist and Pointe Trio took the stage with sparkles and grace, making it the first time ever PDC has competed a solo and trio!   We hope this season’s judges feedback will give us some great insight into our work on artistry and technique.  Don’t forget to congratulate everyone who is competing for the first time ever, or a particular style for the first time, they need the support and confidence our PDC family has to give.


Reminder that there are great resources, videos, and tips for your dancer on our website under DANCER’S ONLY = Ballet Training:

Ballet Training

In addition, take advantage of Lisa Howell’s “Pointe Range” program we purchased.  Email for login info.


Please reach out to me if you have any further questions, concerns, or just to start up a conversation about any topics that you are interested in and want to know more about.



Thank you for sharing your dancers with us!






Tafat Ostfield

Artistic Ballet Director

Platinum Dance Center