We are excited to see all the dancers on stage at Showcase Rehearsal this weekend!

Showcase Rehearsal – Required for all Dancers
February 20-21, 2021 at Southview Middle School

Showcase Spectator Change:
Executive Order 21-07, effective Saturday, February 13 at noon, takes steps to further reopen MN’s economy safely, including increasing indoor entertainment “not to exceed” capacity to 250.  This change allows us to have ONE PARENT, PER DANCER (any age) in the auditorium during the rehearsals. * 8 persons / per dancer for the SDT Showcase.  Our only request is that parents socially distance and remain quiet, as this is an important rehearsal (not a show).
  • One parent is optional.  Dancers (age 9 and up) can be dropped off at the door.

Southview Middle School (4725 South View Lane, Edina, MN 55424)

What is Showcase?
Showcase is an on-stage rehearsal for the dancers & instructors to prepare for competitions. Dancers are able to practice spacing/staging and instructors are able to see their choreography on stage.  A professional videographer is there to capture the routines for dancers and instructors to review and make necessary changes. Each routine has allocated 10-mins on stage.


  • Door 10 will be the door you want to use. It is the door adjacent to the Green Parking Lot, which is next to the Edina Community Center and the middle school. It is directly off of South View Lane.
  • Enter the Auditorium quietly and wait for your dancer to be called
  • Arrive fully ready to dance – stretched and ready to go!


  • Black leotard
  • Tan Tights
  • Appropriate shoes
  • Performance Earrings (New 2020 ones)

Dancers will be wearing are required to wear full hair and makeup. Follow the directions below or this link for hair and makeup tutorials. This is a great run through before Competitions.

The bun is a low, medium-sized bun. Some dancers will need to use bun builders and others may not. It should be located center back and be touching the neckline of your hair. There should be no space between your bun and neckline.


Parents – Please read carefully!

Showcase During the practice / rehearsal (Saturday, Feb 20 and Sunday, Feb 21) dancers will be allowed ONE parent chaperone (also known as “spectator”) at this event. They will be asked to socially distance themselves in the auditorium while they wait for their dancer. To stay below the 145 max, we have organized our event BY TEAM. There will be no more than 2 teams present at a time (30 people + 1 chaperone).  

SDT Showcase Solo, Duo, Trio dancers had the option to sign-up for our SDT Showcase on Sunday, Feb. 21st, 11:30 am – 3:30 pm.  This event is DANCER BY DANCER to ensure the indoor venue guidance is being followed.  Dancers in our SDT Showcase ONLY, are invited to bring a max of 8 spectators per dancer / total of 8 people in the auditorium at a time + staff.

  • Platinum Dance events will follow the Organized Sports (Adult & Youth) guidelines and ensure we do not go over the indoor venue guidance (25% capacity, up to 150). There are 583 seats at South View Auditorium therefore 25% capacity is 145 people.  
  • Please be respectful of this important stage time, refrain from chatting & social distance from others. 

Format  Each routine will rehearse 10 minutes on stage. First, dancers will run their dance with stage lights (like the real deal!) and we will record the first run through. Then, they will spend time walking through formations, stage transitions, or any part the instructor feels needs attention – specifically stage and transition corrections.

Rehearsal Fees  We do not charge for extra practice weekends, however, we do split up the cost of showcase rehearsal. A small rehearsal fee helps with the cost of rental, techs, videographer, staff, and floor rental. Showcase fees are due on (Feb 1) and are $14 per dance, per dancer! Thank you again for helping these dancers prep for competitions!

Auditorium We really want this rehearsal to be effective, so the auditorium is closed to the public. Dancers, instructors, and a parent/guardian are allowed but must be quiet and respect the rehearsal. 

Dressing Rooms  There are no dressing rooms. Dancers will wait in the auditorium quietly until their dances are called to stage. 

Video Review  The staff reviews each video as a team and creates a plan for each dance. Please note that dances will and can change all season long to ensure we are stage ready. Judges do not want to see what we are working on, they want to see what we have perfected.