Ready, Set, Action!

Welcome to Comp season 2020-21!

This season our yearly theme is TRANSITIONS.  As the Ballet Team continues to strengthen, articulate, and lengthen our dancers’ bodies, we will focus heavily on working to coordinate both the lower and upper body, so our dancers can better execute movement to movement.   We will achieve this with repetition, repetition, repetition.  Not only so they develop muscle memory, but also so our dancers can build the strength to balance, hold, and sustain movement, especially during turns and jumps.  


This year we are going to implement a much faster pace in class, going through all of the traditional ballet exercises found in a ballet class EACH class session, while repeating each exercise twice and using high releve more.   We ask that you repeatedly remind your dancer the importance of getting through all the exercises, as talking or socializing will not be tolerated if we want to achieve higher goals this year.


As always, we highly encourage our dancers to do some extra things at home.  We have our Ballet Training Resources page on our website:     (Menu > Dancers Only > Ballet Training)

Ballet Training Resources

Stretching & strengthening videos, explanations about arms, shoulder blades, fluidity, and more.  You can also preview some beautiful ballet dancing that hopefully inspire you!   In addition, your dancer can continue her education by using our new, required Ballet book entitled:  Technical Manual and Dictionary of Classical Ballet – by Gail Grant


We look forward to seeing you soon, keep us in the loop with any exciting updates, any injuries, or relevant things going on that will help us guide your dancer to the best results!


Thank you for sharing your dancers with us!




Tafat Ostfield

Artistic Ballet Director

Platinum Dance Center