Pointe Classes

The Pointe Program is under evaluation.  Information coming soon….

Pointe shoe anatomy & fitting

Pointe Preparation

The Pointe Preparation class is ideally for the committed, self-directed young dancer, age 8 & up, participating in at least 2 ballet classes per week, who meet the physical requirements needed to eventually dance on Pointe, and whose end goal is to dance on Pointe.  Dancers who do not meet the physical requirements, but are hoping to further strengthen their bodies, may also enroll with the goal of using this class as an additional training opportunity.  The Pointe Preparation class is meant to help dancers build strengthen in their bodies through foot exercises, theraband exercises, and core exercises.  The expectation is that dancers will work on their own time (outside of class) for desired results. These committed dancers should plan on year-round training to build the skills necessary for strong bodies.