Masquerade Competition – March 21st

** Friday company and Saturday classes will be held! **

The Ames Center (12600 Nicollet Ave, Burnsville, MN 55337)

Schedule & Packing List

  • View Schedule HERE
  • Costume Check-List > VIEW
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Schedule with Arrival Times

  • Doors open 30 mins before our block time start
  • Everyone must enter from the back (prop) door and exit through the lobby doors
  • ONE spectator per dancer – Must fill out Covid Waiver to receive QR Code to attend >> WAIVER HERE
  • Dancers must arrive in first costume and makeup
  • Masks are MANDATORY in the building – including while performing on stage.
  • All overall will be virtual on Tuesday, March 23rd – More info of a team viewing to come!
  • Adjudications will be given at the end of each block for PDC at the competition

Tune in LIVE!

Comp Levels & Scoring
GREEN: This level is for dancers that take no more than 3 hours of dance per week.
GOLD: This level is for dancers who take 3 to 5 hours of dance per week.
PURPLE: This level is for dancers who take more than 5 hours of dance per week.

Petite Ages 8 & Under
Junior Ages 9-11
Teen Ages 12-14
Senior Ages 15 -19
Adult Ages 20 & Over
• All ages are as of January 1st

Please remember that dance judging is very subjective. The judges change year to year, each competition has a different scoring system and judges come from all different backgrounds. 

UnMasked Elite 300-291 Points
Platinum 290-282 Points
High Gold 281-270 Points
Gold 269-260 Points
High Silver 259-250 Points
Silver 249-245 Points
Bronze 244 & Below

Dancers are only eligible for title if their solos are in the Purple level. Title will be
awarded in each age division provided there are at least 5 title contestants. To be
considered for title, contestants must enter 2 solos in different style categories.
The dancer with the highest cumulative score will be awarded the title for that age
division. In the event of a tie, judges will make the final decision. In the event that
5 contestants are not entered, title may be awarded to a contestant with a
platinum average at the discretion of the competition director.
 If your dancer would like to compete for TITLE please register them at the event any time before they perform.


Encore Performance
Improv Contest
Top Studio
IDA – Peoples choice

Dressing Rooms /Practice Space
This year dressing rooms and practice spaces will be different per venue. There will always be an assigned space for our studio/block. There will be a limit to how many parents are allowed backstage so please make sure to read through the competition rules above. Dancers must be fully ready prior to coming to the venue and only use dressing rooms for costume changes. Practice space will also be determined once staff is in the venue so please make sure to find out from your instructor where practicing will take place.

Texting Updates
Because competition schedules are constantly changing and/or going out of order, it is difficult to give an exact time and meeting place for each group, as it will change throughout the day. Please pay attention to the order, use the app, and know that each routine is about 3 mins to know what time we will go on. Luckily, Ames is small so you will be able to find someone.  Keep your phone by your side for texting updates. 

Register with Remind 101 to receive alerts on comp days.  Text the message: @pdccomp  To the number: 81010 – Or follow this link

Our Goals
Our competition goals are simple: have fun, beat ourselves (get better) and avoid injury! We hope the dancers have an absolute blast! #platinumstrong #alwaysmore #platinumproud #teampdc