Costume Process

We are so excited that costumes started to arrive! Read below for info on our costume/rhinestone process.

Costume Delivery
Costumes will be handed out in class when we have a complete costume including: appliques, tights and rhinestones. This will be done on a class-by-class basis, as items arrive. Please watch for these to come home to your dancer.

IMPORTANT! When you get your Costume home: 

  1. TRY ON YOUR COSTUME. It will not fit perfectly and are sized to fit ALL YEAR. Costumes will need alterations and typically there is extra fabric left on straps to either take in, or let out. You will have to make some minor adjustments on your own to fit to your liking. Costumes cannot be exchanged or returned.
  2. ALTERATIONS. Alterations should be done ASAP – before rhinestoning.
  3. HANG IT UP in a garment bag right way, in a safe place. Costumes cannot be replaced. We sell garments bags that are great in the PDC store.
  4. REVIEW TIGHTS – Tight exchanges can be made within 2 weeks of receiving, no later and no exceptions. Do not try on tights – we cannot exchange open packages of tights, please use the sizing guide on the back to review. All tights are sized based on your costume size.

The Rhinestone Process:

  1. It is you (or your dancers) responsibility to rhinestone the costume. You can purchase glue & tools conveniently at PDC.
  2. WATCH THIS VIDEO and only use the glue for sale at PDC (or exact kind).
  3. After you receive your costume, visit the PDC Rhinestone Dropbox to view final photos of costumes.
  4. Use the photos to copy the exact pattern onto your costume. Each costume has stones separated/counted so follow the photos & patterns carefully, as we will not have extra stones if you run out. You can use the “comments” below to ask specific questions or you can view a sample of the costume at the studio.
  5. Please be sure you aren’t using too little, or too much glue. You don’t want to see the glue seaping out, but you want to use enough to ensure they stay on.
  6. Rhinestone SPACING is important — make sure you are following the photos exact. If you have a question, please stop by and see the costumes IN PERSON before finishing.

Competition Shoes:

  1. Shoes will be handed out in class. TRY THEM ON THE DAY YOU GET THEM, if you need a different size – see the front desk within 2 weeks.
  2. The shoes handed out with your costume are considered your “performance pair” and should be saved with the costume for performances. Musical Theater & Tap shoes can be worn in class to break them in, and they do not wear out as quickly as jazz and lyrical.
  3. We have a few jazz shoes on backorder & many tap shoes are arriving in January.

Exchange/Return Policies:

  • Costumes cannot be returned or exchanged. If a new costume must be ordered, the cost of that costume plus shipping is your responsibility and we cannot guarantee delivery time.
  • Unworn shoes & unopened tights CAN be exchanged within 2 weeks of receiving them. Any late exchanges will be assessed a shipping fee and we cannot guarantee they will be in-stock and available.
  • Opened tights CANNOT be returned or exchanged for sanity reasons. We size your tights with your costume size.

Costs / Accounts:
Costumes, costume accessories, hair pieces & rhinestones are included in tuition.
Shoes, tights, extra jewelry & props are not. These are charged to accounts on the following months for your convenience.

  • Shoes: November (done)
  • Showcase Fees & Earrings: December
  • Tights: January