Comp Hair & Makeup

Reminder that Pixies & Minis have a BA Star Make-up Kit. You can use the same directions, but the names will be slightly different. For example, BA Star kits have TWO eyeshadow colors & a different color lipstick (Passion Pink).

At competitions that require masks on stage, please do not wear lipstick under the masks. 

Comp Make-Up Video
Use written/photo directions here.  

2021 Lipstick – we switched lipstick colors this season for Petites – Seniors (Pixies & Minis will use the BA Star Passion Pink that came with their kit). This will not be billed to your account and handed out. We ask you stop by the store to purchase it. The new lipstick is called: Yofi Long Last – color is Fuzion.

Comp Hair Video Tutorial

Finished product – CENTER PART

Written Tutorials


  • Your bun should be medium in size.  Not too large, or not too small. Depending on your hair, you may need to use a bun form to do this.
  • Hair accessory placements will be determined at picture day.

Competition Organization

  • 2020-21 PDW Comp Costume Checklist