Dancing….to the finish line!!!

Another two successful competition in the bag!  Congratulations PDC dancers, our technique and performance scores are proof that all your hard work is paying off.   In April, we returned to really focusing on performance quality in our ballet classes.  Somehow we struggle still to let go of our upper bodies in ballet, so I [ Read More ]


CONGRATULATIONS on a fantastic first competition at Showstopper, dancers!!!  The host who announced all the awards (had a career in showbiz and currently teaches around the country, including Alvin Ailey) complemented our dancers to me during the weekend on their visibly good ballet technique.  It really was great to see it come through in our [ Read More ]


Competition season is here!  We are now shifting the focus of ballet classes to be more on strength building and power.  Our constant challenge is striving to develop well rounded dancers; who have artistry, a fundamental understanding of movement, and strong technique.  Elements that take years to flourish.  At the same time, we want “immediate [ Read More ]


The countdown to our first competition BEGINS!  We have been working hard on transition movements, increasing the difficulty level of our same exercises every 1-2 weeks, and practicing dancing in front of our teammates either in small groups or one at a time.     On day one, the ballet staff communicated to the dancers [ Read More ]

1, 2, 3 transition 5, 6 transition 8

Happy 2019!  December was full of holiday joy, music, and dancing.  The last day of classes, the dancers and I went over their goals (from form they filled out in September) to check in on their progress, and the ballet team sent out dancer evaluations.  Many dancers found they are on track with their goals, [ Read More ]

Shoulders, arms, fingertips!

November was spent working on our new lesson plans: focusing in on strong arms and fingers.  Our Vaganova 2nd position arms have shoulders, then slightly lower (same height) our elbows and wrists, out to the side and slightly forward.  The palms face forward, and our fingers have tucked in thumbs, and pointer finger slightly out [ Read More ]

Arms, Legs, Stamina…GO!!!

October was a month of trying new things and shifting focus.  I implemented a “competition mode” with two ballet classes, that yielded great results!  Based on 4 elements divided into artistry (stage presence, musicality) and technique (alignment/turnout/use of feet, applying corrections), I would pick a dancer who best fulfilled the 4 elements for each exercise [ Read More ]

Ready, Set, Turn out!

The new season is underway!    Our Ballet Theme this year is TURN OUT.  As we continue to improve our proper alignment; standing with shoulders, hips, and ankles all stacked one on top of the other, using our core, gluteus maximus, and adductors (inner-thighs) at all times, we are now adding those deep rotator muscles [ Read More ]

8 more hours a day to dance, dance, dance!!!

Summer is here!!!  All season we had to juggle school and homework schedules, but summer is a time when we get 8 more hours in the day to dance, dance, dance!  What a wonderful opportunity for us to focus in on our bodies and our movement, check in with how and where we are with [ Read More ]


Congratulations to all our PDC dancers on fantastic performances at competitions so far!  ONE more to go and then we get to see it ALL together in one awesome recital show – yes!!!   Ballet classes in April honed in on skills, stretching, foot articulation, and finding our strong centers OFF the barre.  Our Saturday [ Read More ]