The Evolution of a Style

There are three primary styles in the world of ballet: Vaganova (Russian), Cecchetti (Italian), and French Style. Additionally there is also: Balanchine (American), Bournonville (Danish), and Royal Academy of Dance (RAD/British). But how did all of these styles come to be? And really, where is ballet from? The short answer is that ballet began in [ Read More ]

Practice makes perfect, but visualization is the key. 

Hello Platinum Families! Ms. Alexandra here. I’m going to be taking over the Ballet Blog from Ms. Tafat this year. I’m excited to dive in and share some thoughts and inspiration with you &  your dancer. I hope you will take some time every month to read & discuss the topics I’m sharing with you [ Read More ]

Ready, Set, Action!

Welcome to Comp season 2020-21! This season our yearly theme is TRANSITIONS.  As the Ballet Team continues to strengthen, articulate, and lengthen our dancers’ bodies, we will focus heavily on working to coordinate both the lower and upper body, so our dancers can better execute movement to movement.   We will achieve this with repetition, [ Read More ]


January and February we have been pushing the dancers physically and emotionally!   The Ballet Team has asked the non-Ballet COMP instructors to support our work by inserting ONE Ballet exercise into all their classes (except Hip Hop and tap classes).  In January we began with a turn combination that included 1/4, 1/2, and single pirouettes [ Read More ]

Holiday, Nutcracker, and Pointe!

December was an exciting month of new adventures!   In Ballet class, we had fun by transforming into different beloved characters from the Nutcracker (soldiers, sugar plum fairies, flower girls, rat queens, etc.), and while embodying those characters worked on powerful and graceful technical movements.   We had sissone jumps, bourrees (across and in a circle around [ Read More ]

Turn, leap towards a new year!

November was a transitional month.  We switched things up to get the dancers out of falling into “automatic pilot”, moving faster in class from combo to combo, with some familiar combinations as well as some new ones.  My classes also checked our balance by not using the barre for a few classes. I made some [ Read More ]


October was a busy month, but we finally nailed down our lesson plans and started making progress!  The next lesson plans are just starting and we will post some online under our BALLET TRAINING tab on our website to see if the extra review outside of classes helps our dancers remember the barre combinations. [ Read More ]


The new season is underway!  Our Ballet Theme this year is UPPER BODY.   As we continue to work on proper alignment (using our core, gluteus maximus, and adductors =inner-thighs), and using our deep rotator muscles for turnout, we are now adding work on our upper body, which include: torso, arms, neck, and head.  We [ Read More ]


Recital was awesome, and our competition season is over, but training never is!!!  Summer is a week away and without school and homework taking up hours of our day, we can dance, dance, DANCE!   Enjoy the sun and should get your vitamin D, but don’t take off for too long, it’s hard on the body [ Read More ]

Dancing….to the finish line!!!

Another two successful competition in the bag!  Congratulations PDC dancers, our technique and performance scores are proof that all your hard work is paying off.   In April, we returned to really focusing on performance quality in our ballet classes.  Somehow we struggle still to let go of our upper bodies in ballet, so I [ Read More ]