Ballet & Tech Classes

Ballet/Technique 2020-21 Discount

4th Ballet/Technique 50% off
5th Ballet/Technique 75% off
6th + Ballet/Technique Free!

Any missed ballet class must be made up in another equal or lower level class.

Attendance Rules & Expectations

1. Please arrive on time to each class!  For Ballet classes, if you arrive while the class is doing degages, you are late and will not be allowed to join the class that day.  This is to ensure that you do not injure yourself by skipping the VITAL first exercises that warm up the body properly, as well as don’t disturb the class in session.

**Exceptions will only be made for one-time emergencies that are called in to the studio.

2. A dancer will be marked present ONLY if she attends from the beginning of class, and stays for a minimum of 75% of class time.  Example: 4:30-5:45pm class, a dancer leaves at 5:30 at the earliest.


Steps to Make-up Ballet

  1. Do not email absences.
  2. Find a makeup ballet class below
  3. Show up to the class, let your instructor know you are there for a make-up. No need to email before, or register for any make-up ballet class.