3/31/21 Comp Update

We hope our dancers are enjoying a safe and wonderful Spring Break — Classes will resume on Monday, April 5th!!   Now is a perfect time to register for our Summer classes!!   

While registering for Summer classes, be sure to check out our Recital Souvenir options.  Dancers LOVE receiving Dancer Shoutouts in our recital programs, purchase HERE!!

BravO! Competition – April 15th – 18th

  • VENUE CHANGE!  Please make a note that the BravO! competition has changed the venue for this event.  New venue address:
    • Bloomington Hilton
    • Hilton Minneapolis St Paul Airport/Mall of America
    • 3800 American Blvd. Bloomington, MN 55425
  • This competition will NOT be a block schedule. Please read the attachment of their procedures and guidelines in order to hold an event with a normal schedule.
    • We have been in contact with the director and they have informed us that there are no
      out of state studios attending
    • They have already held two events with this schedule format in Minnesota (one being this past weekend at the above location) and all went smoothly.
    • Attachment: Minneapolis__2__Procedures_and_Guidelines.pdf
  • This will be a 4 day event. They will be scheduling solos on Thursday but without a schedule please keep Thursday TBD if you are a soloist.

Please email Talya@platinumdance.com if you have any questions or concerns. We will keep everyone up to date with schedules and more details as we get them!

Masquerade Media

This year Masquerade provided FREE photo/video downloads! To access, please visit our media website at https://media.masqueradedance.com/burnsville22021
To view, please enter one of the keywords from the attachment below. Each keyword is associated with a specific dancer and will only display routines that dancer competed in. A studio media key is also provided that will display every routine from your studio. Download keywords here:
It should be noted that downloading many photos and videos will take a large amount of computer hard drive storage. Large quantities of photos and video may also result in longer download times. There is also an option to buy prints if wanted. Photos and videos may be posted to social media – please tag @platinumdance. If you have any further questions or difficulties, please contact media@masqueradedance.com

Coming Up!

  • Competition Info (Required) > View More
  • BravO! Competition (no Pixies) > April 16th – 18th
  • Starpower Competition (Pixies & West)  > April 23rd – 25th
  • Recital Week > May 3rd – 8th
  • Competition Banquet > May 19th (More info coming soon!)

2021 Summer Classes
Here are the Comp 2021 Summer Dates for you to put on your calendars! Registration is now open!!

  • Do you have questions regarding Summer Comp Dance?! Take a peek at our FAQs document below:
  • Summer Comp Save the Dates
  • Our summer calendar was created to allow for small group camps if necessary (similar to last year). 
  • Small Group auditions will be separate from SDT this year. 
  • Stretch & Improv is now a 2-day camp!
  • There is more clarification around Comp Camp dates in August to help you better plan around it.
  • Take advantage of our training resources HERE

Comp Camp — August 2021
Comp Camp is required for all dancers. Please reserve the following:

  • Pixies, Mini, Petite & Junior Teams — August 16th – 19th
  • Petite & Junior Small Groups — August 20th
  • Teen & Senior Teams — August 23rd – 26th
  • Teen & Senior Small Groups — August 27th
  • Hip-Hop with Trey Barber (by audition only) — August 11th – 13th

*If there are any school orientations or required events during the above weeks, please let us know ASAP as the tentative schedule is nearly complete.

Recitals 2021

  • Recitals will take place at Bloomington-Jefferson on Friday, May 7th & Saturday, May 8th.
  • View Schedule HERE
  • Recital Tickets/Seating
    • This year, due to limited occupancy capacities and social distancing in the auditorium, we will not be selling tickets. Each family will be charged a Recital Performance Package fee and will be given a family pod to sit at in the auditorium at the show.
    • Each distanced pod consists of 6 seats, therefore, you can bring anywhere from 1-6 people. Simply show up at your dancer’s show with your party (1-6 people) and we will assign you a pod! There is only ONE pod reserved per dancer per show.
      • Please note that restrictions may change again before Recital week.
  • Recital Performance Package
    • Package Fee = $85 for families w/ 1 child, $155 for families w/ 2 children, $215 for families w/ 3+ children
    • Fee is due and processed using the CC on file on April 15
  • Package Includes
    • Spectator passes (max of 6, but this # is subject to change based on venue capacity limits in May)
    • Dancer performance fee
    • Digital recital program
    • Digital download of your show day (for example: Monday classes will receive the video download of all Monday Mini Shows)
    • Link to download photos from your dancer’s performance on stage
  • Souveniers
    • Check-out the recital souvenir website, which is now LIVE and ready for your orders!
    • Choose from a memorable recital sweatshirt or tank top, a recital themed teddy bear, and flower and/or candy bouquets to congratulate your dancer after their show!
    • All souvenirs will be sold via pre-order only online and will be available for pick-up the day of the show.
    • Order Recital Souvenirs HERE