3/3/2021 Comp Update

Congratulations to our SDT & Small Group dancers who competed this past weekend at LOC!  We are all so proud of you!!  

Click HERE to view the League of Champions competition recap!

Important Dates

  • Don’t forget we have one more required Extra Practice Weekend coming up! … THIS WEEKEND!
    • Extra Practice Weekends (Required) > View Schedule
    • March 6 – 7  (replace Dec 5-6)
  • Competition Info (Required) > View More

Competition Season Kick-Off & Celebration

  • When:  NEXT week, March 8th – 11th
  • Where:  During dancers team classes
  • What:  We will be celebrating and getting pumped up for our first full competition next weekend.
  • Dancers will be discussing competition etiquette, new block scheduling & awards format, as well as what the new role of captains will look like!
  • We are so excited to celebrate with the dancers and to see them on stage so soon!!

Ballet Attendance Rules & Expectations Update

  1. Please arrive on time for each class!  For Ballet classes, if you arrive while the class is doing degages, you are late and will not be allowed to join the class that day.  This is to ensure that you do not injure yourself by skipping the VITAL first exercises that warm up the body properly, as well as don’t disturb the class in session.
    • **Exceptions will only be made for one-time emergencies that are called into the studio.
  2. A dancer will be marked present ONLY if they attend from the beginning of class, and stay for a minimum of 75% of class time.  Example: 4:30-5:45 pm class, a dancer leaves at 5:30 at the earliest.
  • Additionally… Check out Miss Alexandra’s newest Ballet Blog > Read More!

Picture Ordering Information — It’s not too late!  

  • Images are now ready to view and order!!
  • To order images visit,  https://tinyurl.com/PDCComp21
  • Gallery – You can use the link above to view your gallery.  Just enter the dancer’s first initial and last name as the online code (ex. Alice Smith, asmith).

2021 Summer Save the Dates
Here are the Comp 2021 Summer Dates for you to put on your calendars! Registration is now open!!

  • Summer Comp Save the Dates
  • Our summer calendar was created to allow for small group camps if necessary (similar to last year). 
  • Small Group auditions will be separate from SDT this year. 
  • Stretch & Improv is now a 2-day camp!
  • There is more clarification around Comp Camp dates in August to help you better plan around it.
  • 2021 Summer Pointe – Read more HERE