11/18 Update

December Plans
Thank you so much for filling out our parent survey yesterday – 80% of comp families prefer to stay in person (and so do we!). However, with the new governor guidelines we are now limited. Here is what we know now:

  • We cannot “pause” and take 6 weeks off from comp dance
  • We are working on a modified schedule for Zoom or the possibility of shifting to even smaller group classes (in person) if we are able
  • It sounds like some of the restrictions may start as soon as this Saturday – so please watch for updates on Saturday / Monday / Tuesday classes (Nov 21, 23, 24)
  • Thanksgiving Break is as usual Nov 25 – 29

We are working through all our options today/tomorrow & will have an answer to you by Friday. Thank you for your patience & understanding, this is tough time for all. A few parents asked how we are doing in terms of cases at the dance studio – we had 6 positive cases reported to us since June.

Extra Practice: Dec 5
Will be rescheduled

Company Rehearsal: Dec 12
Will be rescheduled

Confirm Showcase
We did get the okay that outside rentals are still allowed at Edina, therefore Showcase/Pictures is confirmed as of today. A modified, covid preparedness plan is in the works so we are able to host this rehearsal safely.

Shoe Exchanges
Follow the directions on our Costume Details Page for everything costume related. See our shoe exchange policy below:

  1. Some shoes have been sent home — TRY THEM ON THE DAY YOU GET THEM, if you need a different size – see the front desk within 2 weeks.
  2. The shoes handed out with your costume are considered your “performance pair” and should be saved with the costume for performances. Musical Theater & Tap shoes can be worn in class to break them in, and they do not wear out as quickly as jazz and lyrical.
  3. We have many tap shoes arriving in January & some jazz shoes on backorder.

On a little lighter subject – we switched lipstick colors this season. This will not be billed to your account and handed out as we’ve done in the past – it was too tough tracking everyone down to deliver it. We ask you stop by the store to purchase it & this week is 20% off for Small Business Week – so feel free to take advantage & stock-up early. The new lipstick is called: Yofi Long Last – color is Fuzion.