1/6/21 Comp Update

Welcome back INTO the studio! We are so thrilled to be back and very excited to see the dancers in costume at pictures this weekend. 

THIS Weekend: Picture Day (Jan 9-10)
Please watch the Picture Day Details video – as it looks different this year & there are important safety protocols in place.

Please come organized and LABEL all your items (this means everything…costumes, accessories, tights, shoes, etc.). Do not leave anything behind at pictures. Costumes are fully custom & we cannot get replacements. Use the packing list above to ensure your dancer comes prepared.

Hair & Make-up
Full hair & make-up is required for pictures – see the tutorial link below. Our makeup video disappeared from YouTube…and our videographer is searching for it & we hope to have it before pictures. In the meantime, please use the written directions the best you can.

Make-up Dates
In November we had to close and cancel: Saturday, Monday & Tuesday classes. Below are the make-up dates / times for these classes:

  • Saturday Classes: Monday, January 18 > See Evening Schedule
  • Monday Classes: Monday, Feburary 15 > Same time as usual
  • Tuesday Classes: Tuesday, February 16 > Same time as usual

2021 Summer Save the Dates
Here are the Comp 2021 Summer Dates for you to put on your calendars! Registration opens Feb 1. A few notes on summer:

  • Our summer calendar was created to allow for small group camps if necessary (similar to last year). 
  • Small Group auditions will be separate from SDT this year. 
  • Stretch & Improv is now a 2-day camp!
  • There is more clarification around Comp Camp dates in August to help you better plan around it