1/20/2021 Comp Update

We are off to another wonderful week with our dancers!!  With our Extra Practice this weekend, we will be working extra hard on cleaning up routines and getting ready for our competition season!! 

Extra Practice Weekend – This Weekend!

  • Review Schedule HERE
  • Extra Practice Weekends are required for all dancers. There are no excused absences for extra practice weekends. If a dancer is absent (for any reason), a private lesson is required. If a dancer misses more than 1 dance, 2 privates are required.
  • Please review the schedule carefully, as many dancers may need to come on two separate days. We do our best to be convenient however, we also take into consideration productive days (no 8+ hour days).
  • Extra Practice Weekends are included in your tuition and a great opportunity for the dancers to finish / polish routines!

Important Dates

Picture Ordering Information

  • To order images visit,  https://tinyurl.com/PDCComp21
  • Gallery – Photos will be uploaded for viewing approximately two weeks after photo day.  At that time you can use the link above to view your gallery.  Just enter the dancer’s first initial and last name as the online code (ex. Alice Smith, asmith).

Make-up Dates
In November we had to close and cancel: Saturday, Monday & Tuesday classes. Below are the make-up dates / times for these classes:

  • Monday Classes: Monday, February 15 > Same time as usual
  • Tuesday Classes: Tuesday, February 16 > Same time as usual

2021 Summer Save the Dates
Here are the Comp 2021 Summer Dates for you to put on your calendars! Registration opens Feb 1.

A few notes on summer:

  • Our summer calendar was created to allow for small group camps if necessary (similar to last year). 
  • Small Group auditions will be separate from SDT this year. 
  • Stretch & Improv is now a 2-day camp!
  • There is more clarification around Comp Camp dates in August to help you better plan around it

Store Sale Announcement

Take advantage of our BOGO tights sale, in the store!!  Sale going on January 25th – 30th!!